Daiso Charcoal Face Mask Review

Daiso Charcoal FaceMask Review


I’m always looking for new beauty products to try, especially anything that will help improve the overall look of my skin. Lately I’ve been hearing about all the wonderful benefits of using (activated) charcoal and how it’s great for drawing out impurities from your pores.

I came across this charcoal mask by Daiso after watching a few skincare videos on YouTube. I decided to try the mask out to see if this charcoal is all that’s it’s cracked up to be. I don’t have a big problem with blackheads, but I have a few on the corners of my nose that I would love to remove.

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The first time I used the mask, I applied it to my nose after washing my face. I let the mask dry for about 20 minutes. Once the mask was dry, I peeled it off from the bottom up. It was easy and painless. After I completely removed the mask, I noticed that it did remove some fine hairs and the few blackheads that I had while leaving my nose very soft.

Daiso Mask Review

A week later I tried it on my chin and forehead. I used a make-up brush to apply the mask and allowed it to dry for about 15 – 20 minutes. Once dry, I removed the mask to find some dead skin cells, and a few small whiteheads.

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I also tried it on my boyfriend since he has issues with blackheads on his nose. It took two different applications to remove all his blackheads. But in the end, he was impressed with the results, he was especially happy with how soft it left his skin.

Though there are many charcoal mask out there on the market, I would definitely recommend this product for those who do not have sensitive skin. For the price, It’s pretty good at removing dirt, oil and blackheads from your face all while leaving your skin smooth and soft.

How to use:

  • Cleanse face and open pores with a warm damp towel or steam.
  • Apply an even amount of the product to your face or the area you would like to treat.
  • Make sure to avoid sensitive areas like your eyes, eyebrows and hairline.
  • Once applied, allow 15-20 minutes for mask to dry (dry time varies depending on how much you apply).
  • Once the mask is completely dry, gently peel the mask off starting from the bottom up.
  • Once the mask has been completely removed, check and see what’s been removed from your skin. You should also notice how softer your skin feels.
  • I recommend per the instructions to only use this product  twice a week as it can dry out skin.

After using this product I would give it two thumbs up, it worked for me and left my skin feeling super soft. 

If your interested in trying this product out for yourself , this budget friendly charcoal face mask can be purchased on Amazon here.

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