When I think of fashion the first thing that comes to mind is No Limitations! Fashion is something that everyone views from a different point of view. The way you dress makes a statement to the world about who YOU are. Style is something that comes natural, either you have it or you don’t.

Some people can be taught if their just willing to listen to their inner Fashionista! When it comes to FASHION sky’s the limit. It’s what separates us from others and makes us stand out, makes us more of an INDIVIDUAL!

Some people think just because they go to the store and buy trendy clothes, that makes them fashionable. But the thing is, it’s not about what you buy it’s how you rock it and how you accessorize it. You can take an outfit and if you hook it up right than you can make it look totally dope. Mix and match and play around with colors. Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT!

Well since this is my first blog post, i’m gonna keep it simple. I’d appreciate feedback and also what fashion stuff you’d like to see here. I’ll post pics of Detroit’s Fashionable people and also the best and worst dressed. I’ll try and post often, but I don’t know, let see what happens.

Remember the world is your runway…walk it and own it!

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