Posh Deux Partners With Wigs 4 Kids Michigan For Their Fourth Annual Show

Posh Deux is an annual showcase of creativity, elegance, and luxury unified for the love of art in fashion, hair, and makeup.3

For their fourth annual show, Posh Deux has partnered with Wigs 4 Kids Michigan. The organization provides wigs and support services at no charge to children and young adults experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other disorders. Posh Deux will give proceeds from their event towards the creation of hair pieces and wigs for the charity’s ambassadors.

Below, I had a chance to ask the founder Maya Mitchell a few questions about the event. 

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

A little about Maya Mitchell I am a native Detroiter. I am a licensed cosmetologist operating at Hairshion Salon in Southfield, Mi. I am the founder and Creative Director for my show PoshDeux. I am an Educator for Design Essential Hair Care company. I am an award-winning Artistic Director. I am an editorial Avante Garde Hair Designer and Proud Mother of 2 beautiful girls.

Where did the idea for Posh Deux come from?

The idea for Posh Deux came from my experience in participating, showcasing and traveling to different hair and fashion shows locally and to other states. I was able to see that these shows were missing some key elements in my industry that were important. That’s where I came up with the idea to incorporate art found in hair, fashion, makeup and charity in one show.

Maya Mitchell and Jennifer Elayne

Who or what inspired you to start this event?

Who and what inspired me? Well, the who was my friend and mentor, Kevin Carter. He was the one who believed and trusted me to be the Artistic director for our big win at the Bronner Brothers Hair Battle Royale which is like the super bowl of hair shows in Atlanta Georgia, along with so many other wins in the hair competition world. He inspired me to bring out my natural creativity that I already had in me.

The what was my win as Artistic Director at the Bronner brothers hair battle royale. Before we won, we put on a big hair and fashion show here in Detroit to raise money for us to go to Atlanta.  After raising enough money we were able to take 40 Detroit artist such as models, makeup, hair, stylist, fashion designers and dancers. After that experience, I fell in love with the production of putting on a show. All the way down to the lights and music. That’s what inspired me to put my own twist on a show. It was from my experiences as a hair stylist, director, producer and makeup artist and that’s how PoshDeux was born.

How did you come up with the name Posh Deux?

The name Posh Deux came in two parts. The Posh came from what I wanted to represent. I want to display class, elegance, social status, and a grand experience. Those synonyms were equivalent to one word “ Posh”

Deux came from after my first show, I started thinking should I name it something different and someone suggested Deux as in 2 in French. Then after the second show, I had a partner and entire team behind me so I kept the Deux to represent my partner and team.

What does Posh Duex mean?

Posh means classy, stylish, luxury, smart, stylish, fancy,  high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, opulent, lavish, grand, showy, upscale, upmarket and Deux means 2 or more in French.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence in Life is Jesus. My influences for inspiration is Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, and Michelle Obama. My influence in hair masters locally is Kevin Carter award-winning champ in hair battles and Raphael Isho world hair champion, both live in Michigan. My influences internationally are Laetitia Guenaou from Normandy. In fashion Gianni Versace and locally Diane Berry.

What is still your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge still is out doing myself. I’m always critiquing myself, I always think about how I can make the show better and that makes me second guess myself at times. As far as the overall show is ticket sales, securing and finding local artist who fit our brand and what we represent, and securing sponsors.

What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

The most surprising lessons I learned along the way is everyone is not as excited about what you’re doing and people who you think will support you won’t. No shade on anyone it’s just the truth.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

The best advice I can give someone for handling criticism is to find humor in that criticism but stand strong on what you believe in. Know who you are and your vision. You’re not going to please everybody and everybody has an opinion. 

For someone who has never been to your show, what can they expect?

For someone who’s never been to my show, they can expect the WOW factor. They can expect a social elegant atmosphere, people looking and feeling good, creative hair, fashion, and makeup is the forefront, eclectic vendors, good music, great cocktails, and overall different but posh experience.

I see that you’re partnering with Wigs 4 Kids Michigan for your upcoming show, can you tell me more about that?

We are partnering up with wigs for kids this year and I am so excited that they choose us as well. This organization provides wigs to children who have suffered from cancer, alopecia and burn injuries at no cost to them. Wigs for kids also provides the psychological, social, emotional and physical side effects of hair loss at their wellness center. Just last week my partner and I were honored to volunteer at their annual gala where we witnessed how much of an impact that wigs for kids were to the children as well as their families. It was very humbling and I am so happy that at PoshDeux our artist, guest, and sponsors can contribute to wigs for kids of Michigan.

Have you partnered with any other organizations in the past, or plan to in the future?

We have donated to cerebral palsy in the past but never had an organization such as Wigs 4 Kids work hand in hand with us. We have also partnered with Design Essentials which is a multi-texture hair company that services local salon professionals in Michigan and nationwide. We plan to partner with more brands and charities in the future. 

What’s your overall goal for Posh Deux?

My overall goal for Posh Duex is to be the most anticipated sold-out production in Detroit! To continue to give a platform to local artist and creatives a place to display their craft in a posh atmosphere. We are also planning to bring PoshDeux to other states in the near future. 

What makes posh different is that we are very selective in everything. Our show highlights no more than 4 artists per category in hair, fashion and makeup which are hand selected by myself and or my team. We’ve built a platform where Detroit creatives and artists can showcase their talent on a large production platform.  From the venue to the charity, every piece of our event showcases the talent and charity of individuals here. We also hold a strong passion to giving and filling voids in our community, which is why we partner with a Michigan based charity every year.

For more information on Posh Duex or to purchase tickets visit  PoshDeux


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