Product Review: Circle Filigree Diamond Link Bracelet By Anjolee

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They’re perfect for any occasion, they can be worn to the most elegant of events or to a plan casual outing. No matter the look, diamonds will always be a great versatile piece.

I personally love how shiny and sparkly diamonds are. Who doesn’t love a little bling?

When Anjolee reached out to me about doing a possible review of one of their jewelry pieces in exchange for my honest opinion, I was excited to work with them. I went straight to their website to pick out a bracelet and I was impressed by their wide selection of bracelets to choose from. It was a hard choice deciding on just one piece, but I found one that I felt would suit me best.

For review purposes, I received a sample high-quality (Cubic Zirconia) replica of the Circle Filigree Diamond Link Bracelet. It arrived in a large dark blue box with the brand’s name written on the top. Inside the box was a smaller mahogany box which held the bracelet.

This Diamond Bracelet was customized to the size of my wrist. I always have issues with my bracelets being too big and I either have to take them back out spend time getting them adjusted. When I tried the bracelet on, it was a perfect fit and just the right amount of bling that I like.  

One of Anjole’s main goals is to create customized jewelry that reflects each customer’s taste and budget. In today’s day an age,  everyone wants to wear something that reflects their personal style. 

The bracelet that I choose was the Circle Filigree Diamond Link Bracelet. This bracelet can be customized by metal type, carat weight, diamond quality and bracelet length along with an optional charm add-on.

If you’re looking for quality, customizable jewelry that is budget friendly for your next special occasion, I would most definitely recommend Anjolee for all your jewelry needs. Every diamond item comes with a free Anjolee Certificate of Authenticity.

Are you a fan of diamonds?

21 thoughts on “Product Review: Circle Filigree Diamond Link Bracelet By Anjolee”

  1. I like that they custom fit it to your wrist, because I have that problem of bracelets being too big all the time, really why I don’t wear them very often. This bracelet is beautiful though!

  2. I cant say that I don’t love diamonds because if I received them I would not turn them down and would proudly wear them but I have not bought my own diamonds before. I would probably use the money I could purchase diamonds with for a trip. LOL

  3. Who doesn’t love diamonds?! This bracelet is so gorgeous. I used to have a few diamond bracelets but lost them all so my husband said he would never buy me one again lol

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