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SOI The Automatic Handbag Light


I love carrying large purses but sometimes it can be a blessing and a curse. Large bags are good because you’ll always have space to carry practically anything you may need throughout the day at your disposal. On the other hand, things tend to become harder to find in larger bags. Everything seems to get lost at the bottom and no one wants to spend time digging through their bag to find a tube of lip gloss or their keys. Sometimes I have to use the flash light on my phone to find what I’m looking for.  “On average, a woman spends 76 days of her life searching in her bag”. Who really has that much time to waste, I know I don’t.

I had the opportunity to try out SOI. SOI is an automatic handbag light that requires no buttons or switches. It illuminates automatically when you’re searching for something and then goes off automatically, once you’ve found what you were looking for.

SOI The Automatic Handbag Light
SOI An Automatic Handbag Light


This automatic handbag light takes the frustration out of the everlasting purse search. Just throw this light in your bag and go. Ever since I put this light in my purse, it has made my struggle to find things so much easier. I love how it automatically comes on and goes off after 10 seconds.  It’s perfect for everyday use and great for backpacks, traveling, dresser drawers or wherever you may need a quick light. 

SOI The Automatic Handbag Light1


The SOI automatic light has a long battery life and they can be easily replaced.  

SOI Hangbag Light


I don’t have have anything negative to say about this product, it’s just an awesome light that helps you find what you’re looking for with little to no hassle. 

What do you think about this automatic handbag light?  Do you spend a lot of time searching for things in your purse? 

For more information on the SOI Hangbag Light, visit here

SOI. Stop Searching,Start Finding.

*Disclosure I received this  SOI  Automatic HandbagLlight from BrainStream in exchange for writing an honest review on All opinions of this product are 100% my own.

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