Five Tips to Help Prevent Your Clothes From Fading

Laundry is one of my least favorite chores, but I absolutely  dread the day I have to wash my jeans. I’m always worried about them fading during the wash cycle. I  try to follow the directions that are listed on the garments tags. Yet I still worry, no one likes to ruin a good pair of jeans in the wash.

Consider what happens to your clothes during a typical cycle in the wash. The 30-minutes of abrasion can break down fabric fibers and cause garments to fade over their lifetime. Chlorine in the water can also damage clothes made from fabric with chlorine sensitive dyes. This causes colored garments to fade within just a few washes. You may not consider the difference between using fabric softener, dryer sheets, and beads. The truth is, using a fabric softener provides many additional benefits for keeping your clothes looking new longer that the other two don’t.

If you’re like me and want to keep your clothes look fresh longer, I’ve listed 5 tips below that can help prevent your clothes from fading.


Tip 1: Follow Directions
The care label will let you know the best way to wash each garment: water temperature, cycle speed (or hand-wash), and more. Learn more about reading a manufacturer’s care label

Tip 2: Turn Clothes Inside Out
Let agitation take its toll on the insides of your garments, and help preserve the colors you fell in love with.
Tip 3: Wash Clothes in Cold Water
Even if the care label calls for warm or hot water, cold water is your best choice for helping protect a garment’s color. Warm water makes fibers more prone to releasing dye to the wash water.
Tip 4: Use the Gentle Cycle
Usually used for delicate items, the gentle cycle agitates and spins, well, gently. Using the gentle cycle means you significantly reduce abrasion to your garments.
Tip 5: Use a Fabric Conditioner
Downy  fabric conditioner lubricates the fibers in your clothes. This reduces abrasion and, as a result, reduces dye loss. Downy also helps prevent pilling, which helps your garments hold on to their original colors and keep their fresh appearance—for a brighter-looking you.
Do you have problems with your clothing fading after washing them? Have you tried using a fabric softener?

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