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As a kid, I remember going on road trips with my family down south. My favorite part of driving out of state was stopping at all the restaurants along the way. Now that I’m older, flying has been my preferred method of travel. Mainly because it’s quicker and I can get to my destination faster without having to stop every so often to fill up the tank or stretch my legs.

Fast forward to today, a road trip sounds like an awesome idea, especially with today’s cars being roomier and equipped with up to date technology. I also love how stylish and sleek today’s cars are.
I’ve been thinking about taking a road trip for some time. Since I’ve never been to California, that would be the perfect place to go and I would also get the opportunity take in some of the west coast scenery along the way.

The perfect road trip would be going with a few friends, packing lots of snacks, turning on some tunes, and taking photos along the way. But I can’t forget about the most important detail, choosing a reliable car.

I’m a Ford girl, so my car of choice would be the Ford Explorer Sports SUV.

The Ford Explorer Sport comes complete with top features such as the backup sensor, push-button start, remote starter, a backup camera, parking assistance, Bluetooth, a navigation system, braking assist, dual climate control, and hill start assist.  Need room, this SUV seats up to seven people. It also comes equipped with a 3.5 liter 6 Cylinder engine. Sounds like the perfect road trip car, especially when it comes to driving on unpredictable roads.

What would be your perfect car to discover the world in? can help find just what you’re looking for all while offering budget-friendly options. 

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