Why Naomi Campbell Refuses To Retire

Naomi Campbell doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. 


In my eyes Naomi Campbell is one of the greatest models to ever walk a runway. I recently watched a video, where she spoke to Nick Knight about racism in the fashion industry and the reason she refuses to retire. She’s unhappy with the continuous lack of racial diversity in the fashion industry.  Naomi continues to make appearances on the runway because she feels she still has to represent for women of color.

“I don’t even like to use the word racism, I call it more territorialism, where they just don’t want to budge. They don’t want to change their ideal and be more open-minded to just booking a beautiful girl regardless of creed and color.”

“I didn’t work 28 years for it to be a trend, that’s one of the things that keeps me wanting to work, because I feel like I can’t duck out yet because I feel I still have to represent and watch my little babies (the younger models of color) and be there for them”

I totally agree with Naomi, there should be more women of color on the runways. As she mentioned in the video, women of all colors are buying clothes. Why not showcase women from all ethic backgrounds?

Credit: Showstudio

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