KEYSOCKS: The Key To Comfort & Style

Barely There KEYSOCKS Review

Many of my favorite heels and pointy toe flats can be very uncomfortable to wear at times. Majority of my shoes have some type of gel cushion liner in them for added comfort. And I don’t want to have buy a size up in shoes just so I can wear socks. I’ve tried those no-show socks that are cut low, but when I walk they start to bunch up in my shoes, and who has time for that? Not I, so I just end up going sockless. Often times being sockless can be an issue.

If you’ve ever had this problem I’m sure you can relate. But now, thanks to KEYSOCKS , you’ll never have to worry about sweaty feet, or your socks bunching up inside your shoe after taking a few steps ever again. 

Barely There KEYSOCKS
Barely There KEYSOCKS

What are KEYSOCKS ?
KEYSOCKS are the first smartly designed socks that remains hidden inside pumps, flats, sneakers and moccasins. They pull up to your knee, but have a cutout on the entire top off your foot that makes them invisible inside shoes while still providing comfort, moisture wicking and blister prevention.

I received two pair of the Barely There KEYSOCKS to try out in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Barely There KEYSOCKS in Nude and Black

The first thing I noticed about KEYSOCKS , is that they are light weight and comfortable.  Also there was no issue with the socks slipping as I walked.  The Barely There KEYSOCKS are made of a light, nylon fabric which allow your feet to breath.

Barely There KEYSOCKS in Nude

After wearing KEYSOCKS for a day, I must say that I love them. I no longer have to worry about going sockless in my favorite shoes ever again. No more sweaty or sticky feet.  I would definitely recommend these socks to any sock lover out there. 

KEYSOCKS are the must have accessory for fashionistas that live in heels, pumps or flats. For more information on KEYSOCKS or to purchase a pair for yourself, visit here

11 thoughts on “KEYSOCKS: The Key To Comfort & Style”

  1. I just got a few pairs of these and I can’t wait to try them out. I’ve been wearing flip flops mostly but when I do have closed-toe shoes, these are going to be my jam.

  2. I use to wear pegs, but I’ve never seen the ones that come up your leg under your pants. These would work perfectly in fall weather.

  3. I’ve never tried keysocks. Just looking at them I think I would feel like I was wearing stockings or knee his. I don’t like either. I’m still very curious to try these. Cool post!

  4. The great ideas people come up with, never heard of key socks but looks great for things you mentioned like sweaty feet or socks rolling down in your shoes.

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