André Leon Talley in Conversation with Ruben and Isabel Toledo


It’s not every day you get to see one of your favorite fashion icons, especially in Detroit. A few days ago I was scrolling down my timeline on Facebook, when I read the words André Leon Talley in conversation with Ruben and Isabel Toledo. I immediately checked the location as I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I’m thinking this is totally a New York event, but to my surprise it was being held in Detroit at the Detroit Film Theatre. At that moment, nothing else seemed important, I was going to see Mr. Talley and all of his glory in person.

André Leon Talley, Isabel and Ruben Toledo
André Leon Talley, Isabel and Ruben Toledo


Mr. Talley led a conversation with renowned artists and designers Ruben and Isabel Toledo. The husband and wife duo discussed their partnership in art, design and life.

During the conversation, images of the Toledo’s work was being displayed in the background. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Toledo’s shared how they’d met, what inspires them to create and how they’re each other’s inspiration.

Within the hour, I soaked up all of the knowledge that they shared. Afterwards, they took questions from the audience.

This was an amazing event and I hope this is just a preview of what’s to come for Detroit!


8 thoughts on “André Leon Talley in Conversation with Ruben and Isabel Toledo”

  1. That is awesome!! I’m also shocked he was in Detroit. I wonder why they chose Detroit? Most people don’t think of Detroit as a fashion city but I’m so glad you got to see him

    1. For the past few years Detroit has been making a comeback. We’re known for being the motor city and the birthplace of Motown Records. now hopefully fashion can be added to the list.

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