This past Tuesday I was invited to the screening of Fox’s new 10-hour event series Shots Fired. Shots Fired takes an explosive look at the criminal justice system along with the aftermath of two racially charged shootings in a small Southern town. In this series, the roles have been reversed. A black Sheriff’s deputy kills an unarmed white teen which causes an uproar in their town. Meanwhile, then neglected murder of a black teen is brought to light.

Shots Fired was created by Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood. Starring Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Mack Wilds,  Aisha Hinds and DeWanda Wise. 

I had a chance to chat it up with two of the actresses from the show, Aisha Hinds and DeWanda Wise. The two made an appearance to discuss the new series and participate in a Q&A session after the screening.  Before the screening started, I was able to do a quick impromptu interview and snag a photo.  Both ladies are extremely humble and down to earth.

Aisha Hinds and DeWanda Wise


Can you tell me about the show?
This show is basically taking the autopsy of our criminal justice system. What were doing is we’re unfolding a narrative that takes place in a fictitious town in North Carolina where a black police officer ends up killing a white teenager and so we sort of track the fallout from what happens with that. And what I’ve observed in shooting the show is that as we take a autopsy of this justice system, it sort of takes an autopsy of our own humanity. Basically asking us a question of, what is our response to these situations, what is the fallout, what informs our rage, what informs our activism, what informs what we believe in, in terms of what lives, who’s lives matter. What importance does that debate and that discussion have. So that is what this show was sort of doing and also offer a seat to all perspectives on this matter, so were hoping that we would invoke a conversation as well as greater listening skills.

Jamila(FSD): I also want to know about you guy’s looks, can you tell me who you guys are wearing?
Aisha: Zara and some Prada shoes.
Jamila(FSD): So we’re getting our first Zara store here in Michigan at The Somerset Collection later this year.
DeWanda: Congratulations!
Aisha: Oh finally, I lived here for a few months, a few years ago and I was always getting shipments of Zara. Detroit has some great fashion I must say. I got some great pieces out of here at some small boutiques.
Jamila (FSD): How long are you going to be here, it’s a few stores you should check out before you leave.
Aisha: This trip I won’t be here that long but you can give me the list.
Jamila(FSD): (Talking to DeWanda) Can you tell me about your look?
DeWanda: This is an Alexander Wang sweater dress. I feel like I bought this as a present to myself for actually this project. Now that I think back on it, I bought it as a very expensive present for myself for this project.
Jamila(FSD): Do You shop a lot?
DeWanda: I do not shop a lot. My husband shops a lot so I tag along when he shops.

Sharing A Laugh On The Red Carpet


DeWanda Wisa, Me & Aisha Hinds

After watching the pilot episode, I must say that it was intense and thought provoking. I was always curious on what the outcome would be if the shoe was on the other foot. I’m looking forward to this new series which premieres March 22 At 8/7c on FOX.


What are your thoughts? Do you plan on tuning in?

20 thoughts on “FOX New Series “SHOTS FIRED” SCREENING REVIEW”

  1. Loving all the ladies’ red carpet looks! Must’ve been exciting to be at the premiere. Attending one is still on my life-bucket-list lol! Were you nervous at all?

  2. Many moons ago, I went to the junket for and premiere of “The Honeymooners.” I got to interview Mike Epps. It was amazing! So glad for your experience! I will be tuning in to the show!

  3. I have not heard of this show but the preview looks great. I def like the plot twist..(something i would tune into) too bad our reality is that white cops are killing are black men daily..

  4. I hadn’t heard about Shots Fired until now. I’m not much of a TV buff since my attention span is like *this*. I’m happy to see Sanaa in such a badass role, though. I may tune in for a couple of episodes. I know my husband will definitely be watching.

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